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Arcadia is a Namibia focused diversified explorer, mainly focussed on battery metals.

The minerals currently under investigation consist of the advanced Swanson Tantalum project and the Battery-Metals portfolio consisting of the Kum-Kum Nickel Project, the Bitterwasser Lithium-in-Brines and Lithium-in-Clays Project and the Karibib Copper Project.

The Karibib project also contains significant gold exploration potential. The Company’s project portfolio is displayed below.

Project Portfolio

The Swanson Tantalum project holds the promise to underpin the core value proposition of Arcadia’s character as a diversified explorer and envisions providing early cash flows that could increase shareholder value, by fulfilling expenditure requirements of the exploration assets, when required.

At this project 15 shallow and near horizontal pegmatites are being explored over one of the 6 pegmatite-swarms present on the property.

Drilling has shown some of the Swanson pegmatites to be amenable to opencast mining operations.

Existing test-work results indicate that the average grade of 15 pegmatites is around +420ppm (which is considered high grade by global standards). Five additional pegmatite swarms remain in the area that are yet to be explored.

Mineralogical studies at the Kum-Kum Nickel Project indicated magmatic-hosted Ni-Cu-PGE massive sulphides. Historical drilling in the 70’s and 80’s, which were drilled up to depths of 200m, returned results of 0.21% – 0.58% Nickel over mineralised widths of up to 30m, and 0.30% – 0.50% Copper over the same widths. In addition, surface sampling completed by Arcadia returned results of 4.62 % Ni and 6.3 % Cu.

Interestingly, PGE sampling on surface returned 0.51g/t – 1.03 g/t mineralisation.

Bitterwasser Lithium Brines & Lithium Project

Brines Mining Exploration Namibia (Pty) Ltd (BME) is a Namibian registered company and owner of Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (EPLs) covering the Bitterwasser Project located in the Hardap Region in the southern- central part of Namibia, approximately 190 km south southeast of the capital Windhoek.

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Karibib Copper & Gold Project

The Karibib Project is owned by Goas Pegmatite Exploration (Pty) Ltd (Goas) through its Exclusive Prospecting License, EPL 4663 which covers some 40 986 ha in the Erongo District in central Namibia.

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Kum-Kum Nickel & PGE Project

The Nickel–Copper-Platinum Group Elements (PGE) sulphide mineralisation of the mafic-ultramafic Kum Kum Intrusive Suite of Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd (ORP) is accommodated in two project areas.

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Swanson Tantalite Project

Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd (ORP) is a Namibian registered company and owner of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL 5047) located in the Karas Region in the southern part of Namibia, some 15 km north of the Orange River.

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Arcadia Minerals Discuss the importance of their recent Bitterwasser acquisition

The executive directors of Arcadia Minerals elaborate on the announcement of the company's acquisition in November adjacent to the Bitterwasser Lithium Project in Namibia.

Key points: area of acquisition potential of the exposed pan district possibly becoming the world’s latest district scale Lithium province meaning of the word "Bitterwasser" difference between the clay and brines potential of the Bitterwasser Half-Graben a new lithium potential for unexposed clay pans early mineralogical results of the clay pan district and expected upcoming announcements.

Board Members

Jurie Wessels

Executive Chairman

Jurie has 24 years’ experience in the exploration industry and co-founded a number of exploration and mining companies including public companies such as Bauba Resources Ltd (BAU.J), GoldStone Resources Ltd (GRL.L), and Vanadium Resources Ltd (ASX:VR8) where he is currently executive chairman. Jurie acted for various exploration companies in Africa, South America and Europe and practised as a minerals lawyer up to 2003, but is still admitted as an attorney (non-practising) and a notary of the High Court of South Africa.

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Philip Le Roux

Chief Executive Officer

Philip has 30 years’ experience in exploration, mining and economic geology, with extensive exposure in different geological terrains worldwide. He commenced his career as a Mine Geologist for Gencor Limited, then became a Mining Analyst for the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa and operated as an independent consultant to several junior and mid-tier mining companies. Philip has progressed numerous projects from greenfields to feasibility and into production. Philip was responsible for progressing the projects that are the subject of the acquisitions by Arcadia from a technical point of view. Philip is member of the Geological Society of South Africa and holds an Honours Degree in Geology from the University of Stellenbosch.

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Michael Davy

Independent Non-executice Director

Michael is an Australian Accountant with over 15 years’ experience across a range of industries. Michael is currently a director and owner of numerous successful private businesses. During the past five years Michael has held directorships in several ASX listed companies and is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Raiden Resources Limited (ASX: RDN) and a Non-Executive Director of Vanadium Resources Limited (ASX:VR8).

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Johan le Roux

Non-executive Director

Johan is a business development executive with an accounting background. For the past 12 years, he has been the Business Development Manager of SPH Kundalila (Pty) Ltd, a leading mining services provider that is a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE-listed Raubex Group Limited. Johan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Stellenbosch University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

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Andrew Law

Independent Non-executive Director

Andrew is a Mining Engineer with over 35 years’ experience. He has extensive technical and management experience ranging from deep level underground mining environments to large open pit environments.  Andrew fulfilled executive roles at Anglo American, Plutonic Resources, Downer Group, Placer Dome, Mundo Minerals and Optiro Limited. Until recently, Andrew was the Executive Director – Projects at Relentless Resources Limited.


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Kyla Garic

Company Secretary and Local Agent

Kyla is a Chartered Accountant and a Director of Onyx Corporate Pty Ltd (Onyx). Kyla is the founder of Onyx, which company provides corporate services to listed companies or those that are in the process of listing. These services include the provision of financial reporting, disclosures, corporate compliance and governance. The industries with which Kyla has experience include Mining and Resources, Biotechnology and Mining Services. Kyla’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Accounting, Grad Dip Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Grad Dip in Applied Corporate Governance. Kyla currently holds several other roles as Company Secretary for ASX listed and soon to list Companies.

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Management Team

Lisias Pius

Country Manager

Lisias is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a founding shareholder of ORP, Karibib and BME and is a Namibian resident. Lisias has business interests in farming and minerals exploration. Lisias holds a B.Comp.Sc (Hons) Digital Forensics and B.Comp.Sc Degree in Systems Administration & Networks.

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Daniël Ellis

Chief Financial Officer

Daniël is a practising Professional Accountant in Cape Town, South Africa and has 24 years’ experience in the accounting industry. During the last nine years Daniël acted as accountant for a number of publicly listed companies, including AIM listed GoldStone Resources Ltd (GRL.L) and ASX listed Vanadium Resources Ltd (ASX:VR8). Daniël holds B Acc and B Compt (Hons) degrees.

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Dr. Ismael Kangueehi


Ismael holds a Ph.D degree in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch, having completed his Masters in Geology and B. Sc. (Hons) from the same institution. He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Namibia, majoring in geology and environmental biology. He has vast experience in the management of base metal exploration and environmental geochemistry projects in Namibia and South Africa. Ismael is in the process of registering as a member of the Geological Society of Namibia and as a Pri. Sci. Nat. (SACNASP) geologist.

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